Sandy tells about her daughter's experience learning with Eye Level, and how they are able to make education a priority despite a busy family schedule.
Mahima from Eye Level of Plano Legacy tells about her two daughters' experience at Eye Level over the past six years.

"Great Materials on Homework and Lessons"

Eye Level or used to be called Enopi, is better than Kumon. Our boys are doing very well in both Math and English. Our IUSD system is good but GATE program and AAPAS doesn't start until 4th Grade. Eye Level has helped prepare our kids to be comfortable with their learning experience at home and at school. Great Materials on homework and lessons. Excellent teachers with great one on one time. Clean location, safe and very strategic.

— Ethan H.

“I give them 2 thumbs up for their materials”

Love this place! I have put my kids in several different tutoring places before. By far this is the best one. The center is very spacious and brightly decorated with cheerful colors, yet not too many decorations that it's distracting to the kids. They have 4 rooms which means your kids won't be crammed in with too many other kids. The owners are very accommodating & personable. They give you updates and follow-ups on your kid's progress. The tutoring materials they use are from their corporate office. I give them 2 thumbs up for their materials, very challenging!

— Monique W.

“Critical Math Program is Great!”

If you are considering Kumon and other centers for your child, consider this one too. My daughter goes here for Math and I love it. The good thing about their program is that they have both the basic math skills that other places cover but in addition to that, they have the Critical Math program which is great. These critical thinking workbooks have challenging work for the kids and makes them think through the concept rather than just master numbers. The center is neat and organized. Class room size is small and hence good attention given to kids. Workbooks provided give them the extra practice they need. Overall, Its a good program for the kids. Happy I found this place!

— Anu G.

“Spotlight Award”

Eye Level Concord Mills has been open since April of 2014 and what a journey it has been Since!. Eye Level was welcomed with open arms by the parents in our community and by local schools even before we opened our doors which has made this center successful in such a short period of time. Our center received the “Spotlight Award” for continued excellence in October 2014. Our team’s focus has always been to implement Eye Level’s philosophy and creating an excellent educational and quality learning environment for children. Providing superior customer service to parents is another key aspect that has brought success our way. As an Eye Level Franchisee, I have found a path for my entrepreneurial spirit combined with my passion for helping children reach their full potential which has given me a great sense of purpose and gratification. I am confident that Eye Level’s path will continually take me towards success and fulfillment. 

— Sumana Sanjeeva

“Eye Level's Long-Term Benefit”

I've got a Gold Prize in 2013 Math Olympiad. I'm a 9th grade and I've been attending Eye Level for about nine years, and I am currently in the last level of the math program. I started Eye Level in 1st grade when I was struggling and since then I've been a top student and have been ahead in classes. Eye Level has honestly helped my study habits and my efficiency in doing work with speed and accuracy. The benefits are long lasting and help in all situations.

— Judith Kim