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Eye Level is a supplementary education program offering Math and English programs that are heavily focused on developing a child’s critical thinking and analytical skills. Eye Level is based on the educational philosophy of individualized learning. Each student receives a customized program based on their ability, independent of their age or grade level. This philosophy lends itself to the small steps mastery process where the child is stared at a level lower than where their ability lies. This method allows the child to master the basic foundational skills necessary before advancing to more complex topics, resulting in the improvement of the child’s accuracy and speed in addition to giving the student confidence in their ability to learn and an increased interest in understanding more challenging concepts. Eye Level’s program nurture’s a child into becoming a self-directed learner who takes initiative, forms goals and identifies solutions, empowering the child to take ownership of their learning.


"If you are considering Kumon and other centers for your child, consider this one too. My daughter goes here for Math and I love it. The good thing about their program is that they have both the basic math skills that other places cover but in addition to that, they have the Critical Math program which is great. These critical thinking workbooks have challenging work for the kids and makes them think through the concept rather than just master numbers. The center is neat and organized. Class room size is small and hence good attention given to kids. Workbooks provided give them the extra practice they need. Overall, Its a good program for the kids. Happy I found this place!"

- Anu G. (G3 child in Math Program at Irvine-North center)