Eye Level Summer Programs & Activities

Moving towards the end of the school year can be a very exciting time for students who are gearing up for the joys of summer break. On the other hand, these feelings may not be the same for parents who are looking for ways to keep their students in the learning process during the summer months as well as keeping them off the couch. There are many week-long summer camps that students can partake in that can be fun and engaging but many of those only last a week here and there and can also cost a great deal of money. Many parents will spend hundreds to some thousands of dollars for full week-long camps all summer long. 

This summer gear up for some additional reading and math at your local Eye Level centers. During the summer months Eye Level offers both an English Reading program and math Critical Thinking program. The English program focuses primarily on novel based reading and book report writing. It also incorporates learning how to reflect back into the text looking for answers to questions as well as being able to determine and break down the structure of a story. It helps students become confident readers and writers by guiding them on what to consider while reading and how to formulate thoughtful responses to the text. Students will attend the Eye Level Center twice a week, with one class being utilized as their regular class and the other as their summer reading session. This is a great way for students to not only continue their reading over the summer but to assist with the long hours of completing that summer reading assignment of writing book reports. 

Additionally, Eye Level also offers a summer math program, Math Brain Boost, that focuses solely on critical thinking and the new Math Word Problem Booklets. It advances students by focusing on problem solving and reasoning. This program can help motivate students during the long summer months. As with English, students will continue to come twice a week to their local centers. One session will be their normal Eye Level session and the other will focus on the additional critical thinking booklets and word problem booklets. Summer isn’t just about math and Reading but can also provide students with learning different aspects of life around them. With the technology advances that are provided today, students can continue to work in the different subject areas with the hundreds of websites geared for student learning. There are programs online where students are able to show their creativity with drawing, build online with digital designers or even create booklets of their own through the use of stories and/or pictures. The internet has the ability to provide students will all different types of fun learning. Museum websites can provide students will alternate ways of learning. If students are going to be on the computer or tables during the summer, it’s best to making learning active and hands on. Download ways to make science experiments that can easily be done in the house with simple supervision.