Math Supplemental Worksheets - Overview


            Eye Level is excited to announce the launch of the Math Supplemental Worksheets. These worksheets provide additional practice for problems that may or may not be explicitly taught in the Eye Level Math curriculum. Students can practice these worksheets in the center or at home, enhancing the learning experience of a student and the quality of Eye Level Education. The worksheets are mostly meant for reinforcement and review of topics, nevertheless they can also be used to introduce a topic through the guidance of an Instructor. The worksheets will allow some flexibility while working with the student. The student may be working on multiplication in the Eye Level booklets, but with the worksheets, the student can review other topics. Anything the student completes, should be corrected with the Answer Book and reviewed as soon as possible.

            Please be sure to read the Instructor Guide before using a set of worksheets. The Instructor Guides include many pieces of valuable information. Firstly, it will tell how many of each type of worksheet is provided in the set. The order that the worksheets are written is the recommended way that the worksheets should be provided to the student. Next, the Common Core State Standards that are covered are listed. The first number in the standard tells you the grade level (ex. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.NS.A.1 means this topic is covered in seventh grade). It is highly suggested that the worksheets are used with students in the mentioned levels and booklets; however, it is not mandatory. Lastly, if there is a supplemental tool, its usage will also be explained. Using the Instructor Guide will ensure that the worksheets are being given to appropriate students in sequential order.

            The sets of worksheets will be released on a rolling basis. New worksheets will be announced through the weekly communication. Worksheets that are available to use are on the ORL under Math Supplemental Worksheets. Check out what topics are available now!