English Instruction Article - Level Pre - A


Eye Level English Level Pre-A focuses on fundamental skills that are important for students to develop within the early stages of learning. They will focus on fine motor skills and simple concepts such as colors, seasons and shapes. There are some key points to focus on when working with students in Level Pre-A.

1. Do not expect students to read. All directions and words should be read or provided with the audio components if students need additional support. Knowing the meanings of the different instruction icons will help students become more self-directed in the classroom.

2. Fine motor skills will vary greatly. We’re helping students develop fine motor skills and basic writing strokes since a child’s mastery of fine-motor skills will allow him/her greater independence.

3. Encourage students to sit as they complete their work. Some may want to stand here and there. If students are new, you may ask them to sit near you for a couple of weeks since they may need additional assistance learning the booklet structure and the class session flow. It may be difficult to keep a student’s undivided attention when they’re completely uninterested in what you want them to focus on, or they find the task too challenging. It is vital to enable them to feel as if the learning is fun and engaging.

4. Use an encouraging voice. The instructor’s tone of voice is a powerful instrument. It sets the tone and environment for the entire classroom in terms of engagement, behavior, and rapport with students. Vary your inflection and your volume to keep students engaged.

5. Ask questions to activate students’ schema. When introducing the objectives and the new words, ask questions to check their prior knowledge and also link students’ experience with what they’re currently learning. That will make the learning concepts more relevant for students.

6. Encourage parents to read or have students read more! They can choose books from their own interests or from the Recommended Reading List (RRL). Although Eye Level English provides students with an experience of different genres of text, extensive reading has an additional advantage for all learners. It generally increases their motivation and confidence and creates a more positive attitude towards reading and language learning. Finally, it enables them to become independent readers and more effective language users.


**Reference from Key & Instructors