English Instruction Article - International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day, September 8, 2019, was declared back in 1966 and was created to showcase the importance of literacy both within individuals and their communities. Each year there is a different focus in terms of the connection of literacy to the outside world. Some of these connections included literacy within a digital world, literacy for the 21st century  as well as literacy and sustainable development. This year’s theme focuses on literacy and skills development.

            Eye Level’s English program is a comprehensive literacy program. It focuses on the ability to read, write and communicate with others around them, which is one of the main focuses on literacy and its development. Students are able to focus on their reading and writing skills, connecting to the different standards put in place by each state for their general education classrooms. There are many of the components of the program that can positively impact student’s literacy and growth.

            There are different resources within the English program to assist not only with literacy development but with comprehension skills. One of the main components gives students the ability to utilize the Recommended Reading List to read books that are on their academic level, building their fluency as well as their content knowledge. The Recommended Reading List provides students with books from both fiction and non-fiction sections, many of which they may see in their school classrooms. It is important for students to read everyday to continue to build their vocabulary and knowledge. There are books that can be read to students aloud and books that students can read independently.

reccomended reading list.png

So, on September 8, pick up a good book, find a comfy place to sit and take some time to develop those literacy skills and participate in International Literacy Day.