Mathematics Tip - SCT

  In Eye Level Math, there are three components of mastery, simple and clear directions, accuracy, and speed. The booklets take a small step-by-step approach with explicit instruction so that students know what they are doing every step of the way. The second component of mastery, accuracy, was the focus of the July 2019 Key and News math article. The third component of mastery is speed. Speed is extremely important for math, especially when learning the basic operations in Levels 1 to 16. Each booklet in the mathematics program from Levels 1 to 23 has a Standard Completion Time (SCT) per page.  The SCT requirement can be found on the cover of each booklet, but a summary of the SCT requirements for the entire math program can be found on the ORL, under Math resources. There are two versions, one in color, as shown below, and one in black and white. Each color represents a different time range. Ideally, a student will be closer to the smaller end of the range, but if the student is the range it is acceptable.


The SCT should be found on the review page, page 2 and recorded in Key & Manager. On this page, there is a specific spot on the top right corner to record the time. At least one BTM booklet should be recorded per student per class session. If all the review pages can be timed, that is even better. Any SAR page can be timed in the booklet to continue to work on the student’s speed, and the time used should always be within the time range on the cover the booklet. If you want to time additional pages in the booklet, it is recommended to use non-target pages such as 11 or 12.  Now through Key & Manager, a Record Sheet is produced which clearly tracks the SCT found for the booklet. This will help you see clearly track how fast the student can complete a page in the booklet over time and decide if repetition is needed.