Mathematics Tip- Try This 2 Word Problem Booklets

There are new Word Problem booklets that just launched on January 25th, 2019. These new word problems closely match the Try This 2 questions that already appear on page 14. The booklets are designed to go along with levels 5 through 23. Since the word problems are more closely aligned with the word problems students are used to seeing, children will be more likely to be successful.

Nothing is happening to the current colored math word problem booklets for levels 5 through 15 that you can order from Distribution. If you need help implementing the old word problem booklets please use these resources from the ORL:

There are many ways you can use the new Try This 2 Word Problem booklets. Firstly, the word problems can be assigned concurrently with the booklets. Since there are only 4 additional word problems per booklet, it is not that much more that students would have to complete. Secondly, the booklets can be completed with the old word problem booklets. The word problem booklets that are ordered from distribution should be assigned as the student completes the corresponding CTM booklets as explained in the word problem curriculum chart. During this week, maybe only one BTM booklet is assigned the student can really focus on his or her problem-solving skills. Thirdly, a parent may be looking for extra word problems when the state test is approaching. These word problems would be great to utilize at this point. You can print out word problems from various levels so students can see a review of all the work that was done throughout the year. I would not give the student any work that is above their Eye Level level.

Another good to use these word problem booklets is as a review for the level test. For example, let’s say a student is finishing level 5. He is only assigned one BTM booklet, 5-18, because you do not want to go to level 6 before he passes the level test. At this point, the student could get all the word problems for  level 5 so that he is reviewing current work and will be well prepared for the test next week. A different student is finishing level 12. Last week she received 12-17 and 12-18. You may want to grade those booklets before the level test since those are key elements. While you are grading those booklets, the student can work on the word problem booklets so she is continuing to practice her multiplication skills. The booklets can very versatile whether you print them out, or simply write the questions in Key & Note.

I hope you can find good use for the new Try This 2 word problems in your center. The answer key and booklets are only available for download on the ORL. It is located in Math Resources section, or use this direct link that is provided: