English Instructional Tip - The Alphabet


Level A & Level B: Learning to write the alphabet is a major component in building foundational skills for writing as well as reading. Levels A & B focus on the learning of writing the letters of the alphabet as well as the sounds the letters make.

Key Teaching Tips:

  1. Use your EL resources. Students can connect learning the alphabet letters to the Eye Level flash cards or the Pronunciation Chart.

  2. The English Online component is a great resource for students to listen to the different sounds of the letters as well as identify letters when asked. The online component also enables students to practice the different pages of their reading booklets.

  3. Show the students how they can connect their letters to different actions or sounds.

  4. Use a small white board and dry erase marker to have students practice their letter writing.

  5. The same thing can be done with a small chalkboard and chalk. This allows for more options besides paper and pencil.

  6. Have students find things around the room that begin with certain letters. The students can also walk around the center to look for letters at the end of the class session. They can either draw it on paper or even try to spell it with help from the instructor.

  7. Create a set of tactile letters. This can include sand paper, fuzzy material, cotton balls glued on paper or even letter magnets. Have students trace the letters with their fingers. Scrabble pieces are a great resource as well.

  8. Have students look through magazines or books with large print to identify letters they are working with. You can even use the covers of booklets.