English Instructional Tip - Level by Level English Instruction Manuals


Over the past few months we have been working very diligently to create and introduce instruction manuals per level, primarily to assist instructors who are working with certain levels as well as provide in depth instruction support overall. The instruction manuals were also created to help standardize the instruction methods within the classroom in terms of improving the overall quality of our service to the students as well as to actively engage students in learning the English language through extra fun activities. It also provides an all-in-one instruction manual for effective classroom management within the different levels (including the Reading Booklets with incorporation of the homework assignments, Writing Booklets and supplemental usage). Franchisees can also provide these to their instructors in terms of practical on-site training. There is a total of 10 Eye Level English Instruction Manuals (Level Pre-A to I).

There are 6 components to each manual which include an overview of the English program, an introduction to the level, an instruction guide for that level, Information in terms of the Level Test and progressing to the next level, materials that can be provided to parents and materials for instructors. The instruction guide carries 4 pages per booklet. Each booklet contains 1:1 coaching – Self-Directed Learning – Feedback – Writing Booklet – Extra Activities (Flashcards, Resource Book, Phonics Reader, K&N Assignments).

All Instruction Manuals for each level, from Pre-A to I, are now ready and uploaded to the Online Resource Library. They can be found in the English Resource section under Classroom Resources. Once you log in to the ORL click on English Reference Materials under the large section Reference Materials. You will then find the folder of manuals under Classroom Resources. For easy access, please click the following link: http://training.eyelevelnytc.com/mod/folder/view.php?id=1947