Franchisee Spotlight - Eye Level of Missouri City

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Safia Jafri of Eye Level of Missouri City South has taught children from middle school to high school in India, Anrengtina and the US. Her passion for education and owning and managing her own business has resulted in excellent center management. Below she walks us through her success and hope for improvement.

The most important thing for center management is staff management. Our staff is the backbone of our center. Hiring the right staff with an appropriate academic background as well as personalities to match is always a challenge. Eyelevel has the best curriculum however the people delivering it need to be not just knowledgeable but also affable, polite, and friendly. Kids relate to kindness. If they enjoy coming to the center, learning ultimately follows.

My center can become better with keeping up with the quality of education and constant communication with the parents regarding their child’s progress as well as with the staff discussing solutions and way to improve our instruction

My philosophy for my center is “Every child is an achiever and has unlimited potential”. I have kids in the center who have ADD, Dyslexia and are on the Autism spectrum. One mom came to me and told me another learning center sent her child way because he was disruptive. We took him in. He was challenging in the beginning and most instructors were reluctant to work with him However, we found a way to be kind and patient. Today, he has competed a year in our center and is thriving. Implementing a method of positive reinforcement and encouragement and the ability to recognize, not all kids have the same need and therefore as teachers we need to be adaptable, is the cornerstone of our center’s philosophy.

Choosing Eye level amalgamated two of my most important dreams- my love of teaching and owing and operating a franchise. The booklets, I saw as part of the training piqued my interest. My kids were in elementary school at the time. They enjoyed both the Math and English books. Having seen them do the books and benefit from it made my decision both as a mother and a business owner, easier. Now, they are in the 8th grade and sill continue to benefit from the curriculum