Key & News August 2017


The Eye Level Learning Center of Missouri City South in Texas opened its doors on April 1st of 2015. Safia Jafri, the owner and operator, had been an ELA teacher for 27 years. 

Initially, Safia struggled to grow the center due to a lack of brand awareness in her local area. Businesses such as Kumon and Mathnasium all had years of established credibility in her town. However, it was not long before her relentless effort and positive word-of-mouth began to pay off, and the center reached 120 enrollments. 

Missouri City South is proud of its students’ achievements, which includes a 5th grader receiving a gold medal in the Math Olympiad and having their Critical Thinking Challenge team represent the Texas region in the National CTC Final Round in Chicago, IL.

Safia took notice that there were two main questions parents routinely asked their children when picking them up from the center:

  • How was your class?
  • How was your instructor?

To ensure the center’s students would be able to answer these questions positively, she focused on finding a balance between her instructors, students, and parents. 

Instructors – At Missouri City South, the instructors are the backbone of the center. Safia hires teachers that are friendly and compassionate with a passion for working with kids. The center’s instructors bring energy and enthusiasm with them every day to work. She gives the instructors petty cash up to $25 every other month so that they can purchase stickers, candy or small tokens for their students.

Students – Safia believes that a happy child is a motivated learner. The center tries to do small things for their students, like reward them with stickers and putting their name on the student tree in the center. Every time a student takes a test, they are given a sticker. For as little as five stickers, the student can get a prize. They also earn stickers for turning in homework completed. 

Parents – All parents have Safia’s cell number. They are welcome to call or stop in for a conference anytime. Parent conferences are also scheduled once per year at Missouri City South. These are 15- to 20-minute meetings where parents sign up for a face-to-face conference or phone conference.

Center Marketing

Safia believes in focusing on small-scale marketing. Small booths held in the local elementary schools have proved most productive for her center. These kinds of events allow for face-to-face interaction, providing her the opportunity to present the center as a respectable learning institution within the community. 

For Missouri City South, student retention takes priority over new enrollments. With the help of the dedicated staff, there are many students that have stayed for two or more years. These are satisfied customers that give positive word-of-mouth, driving the center’s numbers up and spreading the message of the Eye Level brand throughout the community. 

Eye Level’s National Franchisee Conference took place July 21 to 23. We appreciate the participation from the attending franchisees and positive feedback that we have received after the conference. 

Franchisees arrived on Friday night to join us for an evening reception with Daekyo America staff and global division leaders from our Korean Headquarters. 

The Managing Director of the Global Division Terry Son and Daekyo America CEO James Kim gave moving opening speeches about the direction of Eye Level, and the importance of growing together as franchisor and franchisee. 


Our guest speaker Seth Andrew, founder of Democracy Prep Charter School, delivered a well-researched and data-driven presentation on the need and place for supplemental education in the United States. Through his presentation, we could follow his journey and gain insight into the knowledge he was able to acquire from his time as a young instructor in South Korea to present day as an operator of multiple successful schools in low-income and disadvantaged communities.


Jeong Hee Kang, a learning center director from Korea, spoke about her time and experience running a highly successful learning center with over 1,000 students. Her presentation gave many insights into her strategies for parent communication, class operation, and student retention. 

From the Eye Level of Cumming South in Georgia, Daekyo America franchisee Christa Jones shared with us her best practices. As the center director of one of the largest and most successful centers in the USA, Christa’s presentation was enlightening and informative, providing a clear look into the strategies and policies that helped her center succeed and continue to grow. 


Bona Kim of the Global Training Center in Korea presented on the systematic nature of the Eye Level Math program, enlightening guests on the purpose for the curriculum’s structure and the necessity of the step-by-step approach upon which it is built. 

Amanda Aldred and Yulin Yang spoke about the changes to the Online Resource Library. Detailing the updates and changes that have improved the user experience when finding and utilizing the vast resources available through the online system. 

Thank you to all our franchisees that attended this year’s conference and made it a memorable and impact filled event. We hope to see even more of you at our next conference.

Level 14 Booklet 24 – Coach Pages: 3 and 4

Find the number of animals in each question by counting the animals and their legs.

  • This type of question can help build the understanding needed for solving simultaneous equations in the future.
  • Ask students to read the question carefully; make sure they know the given condition (the number of animals and legs are fixed).
  • Follow the table and images to solve the problem step-by-step. In the higher levels, no steps will be provided. Therefore, students need to understand the approach well.
  • This type of question starts by using an assumption based on the given information to find the right combination.
  • In the example, as there is a total of 5 animals, we assume there are four chickens and one rabbit. Then, the total number of legs would be twelve, which does not satisfy the total number of legs (sixteen). Now, by changing to three chickens and two rabbits, we can continue until we find the combination that satasfies the condition

Level 14 Booklet 24 – Coach Pages: 9 and 10

Determine the number of objects from a set of given conditions.

  • Based on the given information, use the table to list the solution and find the answer.
  • Eventually, the student will need to know how to use multiples to solve the question to avoid listing long amounts of data.
  • In the example, making four toys needs five minutes; therefore, in ten minutes, one can make eight toys. Continue to use the table. In twenty minutes, one can make sixteen toys. Forty minutes is two times twenty, which means the number of toys will be doubled to become thirty-two.
  • Another method to help the student understand: for every five minutes, four toys can be made. Because forty minutes is five minutes times eight, this means there are eight sets of four toys that can be made (8 × 4 = 32 toys).


We believe brand awareness is dependent upon the number of established units, which in turn contributes to the potential success of every center. Eye Level encourages you to take advantage of this limited-time offer and help attract new franchisees. 

During this promotional period, a referral bonus of $1,000 USD will be paid to current Eye Level franchisees for each new prospective franchisee they refer (see qualifications below). 

As a current franchisee in good standing, it's easy to participate.

  • Effective August 1 to October 31, 2017, refer a prospective franchisee (PF) by sending an email to your Regional Recruiter or General Manager with the PF’s contact information. Include their name, email address, and phone number.

  • Receive and keep a copy of the confirmation email from your Regional Recruiter or GM indicating your referral has been received.

  • Once your referral signs a current Eye Level franchise agreement and pays the full franchise fee as stated in the current Franchise Disclosure Document, you will be paid the referral bonus.

  • The prospective franchisee will also receive a bonus of $1,000 USD/CAD. credit to their account once the center is officially opened.


We appreciate your support in strengthening the Eye Level brand. 

If you have any further questions about the referral program, please contact your Regional Recruiter or General Manager directly.