Key & News Feb 2018


Belief and Passion
The mission of the Arlington Heights North center is to make a positive impact on the life of every child that walks into the center. Priya strives to build her students self-confidence and self-discipline while developing their self-directed learning abilities. She believes it is important for students to be able to manage their time well and to learn to respect themselves and others. The staff at the Arlington Heights North center strives to make learning a fun experience. “Learning and homework should not be a burden!” 

Priya’s Story
Priya’s children went to different supplemental programs before she learned of the Eye Level program. When she came across Eye Level, she was impressed with the Critical Thinking Math booklets. After that, she enrolled her children at an Eye Level center. 

Priya and her husband began thinking about starting a business that she would manage. They considered multiple options, including daycares, but later they easily settled on opening an Eye Level. As she took over the center, she tried to use all the resources available, implementing the SDL Desks, Key & Manager attendance, Eye Level Badges, and the Eye Level dollars. All these things motivated students to look forward to their time at the center. Priya paid close attention to the cleanliness and organization of the center, making sure the soap dispenser was always full, buying a new water cooler, providing hand sanitizer stations, and so on. She believes that these kinds of small changes can make a notable difference. 

Parent Communication
Arlington Heights North maintains regular communication with parents starting from the parent orientation. Priya spends an hour and a half giving the diagnostic test and explaining the program. As the student starts their journey with Eye Level, she ensures that the parents understand why the self-directed learning method is critical for the child’s long-term success in academics and their future career. They discuss the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals. 

Priya makes herself available at the center to answer parents’ questions and concerns, which helps to give the parents a better understanding of the program. She looks forward to hearing from parents and students and provides feedback on each student’s progress, noting where they are excelling and where they could use extra practice. 

Students are the Customers
Arlington Heights North center believes that the instructors and graders are the keys to a center’s success, as their work directly impacts students. When Instructors are hired, Priya looks for knowledgeable individuals that have a passion for working with children. She rewards them with gifts for their hard work and dedication. 

At the end of each class session, she spends a few minutes getting updates from instructors about the students on how they did in class, whether they took a test, and if there were any concerns. This helps to build a strategy for communicating with parents. 

Currently, Priya does the progress planning for each student; she feels that it is fun to learn about each student and reflect on how they are progressing. It also helps her to better understand each student and how she can help the student to reach his or her goals. 

Process, Process & Process!
As Priya’s understanding of the business has grown, it has become clear that effective time management during class is essential. Instructors need to spend quality time with the students, booklets should be individually planned for the week, and students need to get the most from the one hour they spend at the center. All this translated into one thing: the process. Priya would spend hours in the center designing the classroom flow, booklet management process, and class arrangement to better manage the class time. It almost felt like a never-ending pursuit to satisfy all scenarios that were ever-changing, but the important thing is to keep improving and adjusting as required. 

Effective Marketing Tools
Social media, specifically Facebook, is an effective way to connect with potential customers in your local community. Priya joined the local area moms group on Facebook and stayed active by posting messages and contributing in the group, which served to promote her center. Another important marketing tool is a referral program to reward parents with discounts when they refer friends. Events like the Oratacular, Critical Thinking Challenge, and holiday celebrations are always given much importance at the Arlington Heights North location; Priya would promote the events among parents to create opportunities for non-members and member’s friends to participate and learn more about Eye Level. 

The Resource Book is a collection of supplemental activities to be used in conjunction with the reading booklets. It is currently available in PDF format only on the Online Resource Library (ORL). These sheets can be printed freely for reinforcement and/or additional practice. Below is a list of items contained in the Resource Book:

  1. Handwriting Practice Sheets
  2. Sight Word Lists
  3. Phonics and Vocabulary Word Lists
  4. Journal Writing Prompts
  5. Graphic Organizers
  6. My Reading Journal
  7. Phonics Reader Activity Sheets
  8. Fluency Passages (Student Copy)
  9. Spelling Lists for Review Booklets

On the ORL, the sections have been separated to make printing easier. For example, if a student is working within Level A, the Center Director can choose to print the Handwriting Practice Sheets for that student without needing to print the whole PDF file. These sheets are specifically used as the writing component for Level A. They can also be utilized in some of the other levels when a student needs additional writing practice. 


Many centers have printed out the entire Resource Book and keep it in a binder in the classroom for easy access by the instructors. Centers can also print a few copies of the sections that students regularly use and store them in folders. After printing, the sheets can be copied for student reinforcement only. Many of the sections of the Resource Book can be utilized to reinforce the students understanding of different concepts and abilities. 

The graphic organizers provided in the Resource Book can be utilized to assist students as a pre-writing activity before the first draft. If students are completing additional writing work within one of the higher levels, or an extra writing assignment in a lower level, they will have the consistency of the graphic organizers to compile their information. These can be printed and used during class or sent home to assist with homework. The first draft and final draft can be written inside the Key & Note. 


For additional information on the usage of the Resource Book, locate the Resource Book Guide on the ORL under “English Revisions Training”. To view the Resource Book on the ORL, click here.

Coach pages 3 & 5
Use the provided information to determine the number of a certain object.

  • In this topic, we know the total value and the total number of the two objects.
  • Using the data table, start solving the question by assuming there is only one of one of the objects, and the remaining amount is all the other object.
  • Find the total value to see if it matches the given criteria.
  • In the example, there are 10 notebooks; if one notebook is $2, then there must be nine $3 notebooks. This would total $29, but we know the total is $25.
  • Keep moving through the table by exchanging the amount of each notebook until you find the correct combination.

Coach pages 9, 11 & 12
Determine the result or preference of each person from the provided conditions.

  • This topic builds off booklet 24 of Level 12, 17, and 20. At this level, the student should know the method – use the data table to eliminate unnecessary information to solve the question.