Franchisee Spotlight - Eye Level of Poway


Although Eye Level of Poway has only been open for a year, franchisee Manisha Ovalekar has already shown how creativity, focus and hard work in local marketing, especially marketing within schools, brings big results.  Coming from a business and resource planning background, Manisha’s corporate experience helped her focus and come up with win-win solutions with schools, especially PTAs.  She says these activities have contributed to over 95% of her total subject growth. 

Through her relationship with five elementary and middle schools, which are all located just a couple miles from her center, she is able to participate in all types of school events, including “Back to School” nights, “Tailgate” parties and fundraisers.  However, her participation is not simply setting up a booth or donating money, but Manisha focuses on the goal of enrolling subjects, and creatively comes up with solutions to achieve it.

For example, at Tailgate parties, she not only distributes brochures, but she asks parents to schedule free Diagnostic Tests right at the event.  This has led to dozens of DTs already scheduled just weeks after the event.  For another school, which requested gift baskets to auction at a fundraiser, instead of simply donating a basket of random items, Manisha did provide a basket, but it was full of Eye Level branded products, such as a backpack, water bottle, and fidget spinner, as well as a voucher for a 1st month free at Eye Level.  Including the tuition voucher in the basket enabled new students to join the center, and she was able convert 100% of these students into full-time students.

On average, because she is being invited by the schools to participate in events, the only costs involved is often simply the cost of the materials she is handing out, whether it’s Eye Level brochures, Eye Level pencils, or a laminated page from the Critical Thinking booklet.  This low cost of marketing provides for an incredibly high return on time and money invested.

While Manisha had an existing relationship with one of the five schools, for the other four, she approached them with no prior relationship.  However, Manisha says that because of her confidence, focus on win-win and drive to achieve results, she is able to convince schools how the they will benefit from her relationship with them and now she even has other schools contacting her directly who want her to work with their schools.  It’s a win-win strategy that is paying off exponentially.