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Eye Level is a supplementary education program offering Math and English programs that are heavily focused on developing a child’s critical thinking and analytical skills. Eye Level is based on the educational philosophy of individualized learning. Each student receives a customized program based on their ability, independent of their age or grade level....


Key & Parent October 2019


"My 4 year old son goes to Eye Level Chino Hills Center When he first started, I was weary about what these programs can actually do for him. He learns so much more at Eye Level than at his preschool. Not only has he learned so much, he feels excited that he is getting smarter and smarter every day. The eye level director, Lillibeth, is very caring and extremely accommodating. I like the materials much better than Kumon materials (more colorful and larger books) because they capture his interest. The curriculum and method of teaching are great. You also get more bang for your buck here compared to Kumon."

- Amy C. (G1 child at Eye Level of Chino Hills)